Theme 6 – Children & Youth

The Children & Youth Campaign is devoted to bringing together grassroots movements and organizations to reduce child mortality and support comprehensive community programs. WE do this through advocating for the rights of children, advocating for universal literacy; promoting peace, tolerance, and conflict resolution programs; and encouraging youth activism for a peaceful and sustainable world.

This campaign focuses on:

⭐ Support comprehensive Social Emotional Learning programs with International Children’s World
⭐ Reduce child mortality
⭐ Advocate for universal literacy and a minimum of 8th grade education
⭐ Promote Peace/Tolerance/Conflict Resolution Education programs at all grade levels
⭐ Advocate for the rights of the child
⭐ Encourage youth activism for a peaceful sustainable world, such as through An Urgent Message From Your Children
⭐ Carry out other programs for Children and Youth

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